Kalymnos is considered to be one of the top climbing destinations in the world. You can find over 3500 climbing routes, with various levels of difficulty, for all the members of your family. From our hotel, you have the ability to go to many of the routes, in only a few minutes.


Our island is a popular destination for hiking enthusiasts, because of the paths that can be found all over the island. Walking on them, you can explore archaeological points of interest, monasteries and the beauties of our island’s nature.

Diving and Maritime History

Kalymnos is known all over the world as the “Sponge divers’ island”. Therefore, you can try your diving skills, either using your own equipment or visiting some of the diving centers operating on the island. Also, you have the opportunity to learn more concerning sponges and our maritime history, by visiting local sponge warehouses and the Maritime Museum located at the main town, Pothia.


Try the best traditional recipes at  our restaurants. Don’t forget to taste our fresh and delicious seafood. Did you know that Kalymnos has the largest fleet of fishing boats in Greece?


On the island you can find modern, fully equipped sports facilities (soccer, basketball, tennis,   swimming pool, etc).

History and Culture

If you want to learn more about the history and culture of Kalymnos, you can visit the Archaeological Museum, where the famous statue of Lady of Kalymnos is exhibited, the Maritime and Folklore Museum, the  Museum of marine life and sea findings of Valsamidis, the “Neoclassical” of Kyrannis and the Traditional Kalymnian House. In addition, you can explore the Castle of Chora (or Great Castle), the Castle of Chrysocheria, Kastelli Fortress and the monasteries and archaeological points of interests that can be found all over the island.


Depending on the season you ‘re visiting the island, you can participate in some local event like the feast day of Saint Panteleimon, the healing saint, the feast day of Holy Virgin (one of the top celebrations) and the International Kalymnos Climbing Festival.

To learn more about activities on our island, you can visit the Municipality’s official tourist website